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Born in 2019, the Carlos Carrasco Foundation is a project that focuses on the mental and physical development of children through sports activities that will benefit them in the social, emotional and physiological field since It teaches them to cooperate, to be less selfish, and to listen to other children. It develops their self-esteem together with teamwork and cooperation, concluding in a physical development that will influence their growth and general physical balance on the way to adulthood.

Today our organization is achieving the above objectives through multiple activities geared towards children, such as the donation of sports equipment, the organization of local sports activities, the development of sports infrastructure for children and the connection with the professional world of international sports that It attracts both the child who likes sports as its founder Carlos Carrasco was. Each of these projects has been made possible by volunteers, project donors and partners who have participated with great satisfaction in each event we have held. That is why our organization is open to any source of support to achieve the purpose for which it was created.




Carlos Carrasco was born in 1987 in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. By age 10 he was playing baseball, initially as a third baseman. He was discovered by a baseball scout in Venezuela at age 16, and threw for Sal Agostinelli, international scouting director for the Philadelphia Phillies, demonstrating a 91 mph fastball. He played for the Cleveland Indians and actually for the New York Mets. In both periods he has experienced difficult situations as well as great achievements that in both cases have forged him as a professional athlete and as a person.

On July 6, 2019, Carlos revealed that he had been diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia, a treatable form of leukemia. Two months later he made his first appearance since his diagnosis, pitching an inning in relief against the Tampa Bay Rays. Carlos was named the 2019 American League Comeback Player of the Year.


Carlos has five children with his wife, Karelis. In 2010, Carrasco and his daughter Camila, then four years old, visited children at a hospital, which inspired Camila to start to cut her hair with scissors to give to the cancer patients.

Carlos is heavily involved in community development and charity work through his foundation Arlos Carrasco Foundation; he has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars, time, and supplies to organizations located in his native Venezuela along with Colombia, the United States, Africa, and more. Through this non-profit effort, Carlos wanted to share stability and relief to children in need of attention and personal development so that they have a more stable future in all aspects of their lives..

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